The Design Show 

     De designshow 2019


CEC is pleased to inform you about the upcoming 5th round of TDS "The 5th Designs and Architectural Innovation Show"; which will be held from November 1 - 3, 2019 in the luxurious exhibition space Dusit-Thani Hotel - New Cairo, Egypt.
Dusit-Thani Hotel - New Cairo, Egypt
  • TDS providing a spectacular gateway for exhibitors to enter into business partnerships, show the latest innovations and solutions; that the network directly with thousands of professionals, top customers; creating opportunities for market leaders and key players in Egypt and the entire MENA region.



  • TDS is an extensive meeting point where important regional and local professionals and high-end customers face-to-face with innovation makers create a frame of reference for interior, exterior design and architectures.


Bustling, energetic and comprehensive, TDS is permanently more, and business identity; presenting breakthrough business opportunities and solutions offered by the highest strategic players in the interior, design, architects & engineering consultancy & services sectors; about the market of Asian countries.



  • The new 2019 edition DAT The Design Show to architecture and business design and architecture innovations; processes the exhibitors can differ from unique consistent business opportunities.
  • TDS helps finding the latest innovations in interior and exterior design in pre-post contract phase, concept design, project management, turnkey, design briefing and design contacts and development.


  • TDS is the place-to-be for more than 15,000 clients and professionals from the historical class of architecture, architects and consultants, interior designers, structural engineers, real estate developers, hotel owners.





What Makes TDS Unique The Existence of multi-workshops, lectures and panel discussions by excellent speakers and engineers. The importance of design is reflected and demonstrated through on-site talk conversations by more than 16 professional speakers, where the audience and speakers come together with open discussions and excellent interaction.





The media campaigns of DESIGN SHOW are about:


  •   Mass social media campaign
  • Local and regional media partners and magazines
  • Ads on Egyptian radio channels
  • Outdoor signs covering different main streets in Cairo
  • Direct invitations are sent to customers' customers
  • Google ads


De designshow 2019



TDS Targeting-doelgroepen:


  • Architecten en adviseurs.
  • Interieurontwerpers.
  • Bouwkundig ingenieurs.
  • Projectontwikkelaars, investeerders, projectmanagers.
  • Woningen (Villa, Appartementen) eigenaren.
  • Contractors.
  • Hotels / Restaurants eigenaren.
  • Studenten en jonge ontwerpers
  • Traders


De designshow 2019   De designshow 2019      


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